Partner 3rd Gymnasio Kilkis (Greece)

The 3rd High School of Kilkis is a diurnal public school based in Kilkis, Central Macedonia, Greece. The 3rd Gymnasium of Kilkis is a relatively new school in Kilkis founded in 1999. The school is medium sized with 35 teachers and 300 students. The school runs 13 classes of general education, 6 classes for students with learning difficulties and one class for welcoming refugees. All the classrooms are equipped with PCs with internet access and fixed projectors. The school also has a Computer lab, a Science lab, a Technology lab and a Music classroom. Moreover, it has a room for conducting events, which is fully equipped, and a gym. Our school is specialized in students with learning difficulties, especially dyslexia. The 3rd Gymnasium of Kilkis has an organized library and it is in constant cooperation with the Public Library of Kilkis. This situation isn’t complacent and there is a continuous effort to improve, renew and reinforce the pedagogical and educational results through a number of actions with significant contribution to the educational things of the city of Kilkis. Every year the 3rd Gymnasium of Kilkis takes part in the competitions organized by the Hellenic Mathematical Society, in the Greek Language competitions, as well as the Physical education events, achieving excellence. The 3rd Gymnasium of Kilkis belongs to the Ecoschools and it is a member of the Greek Foundation for Environmental Education. What is more, it is a member in 5 National Networks: 1. The Network of Environmental Education Centre of Corfu with projects concerning: a. Cultural Habits and Customs of People, and b. Wetlands 2. The Network of Environmental Education Centre of Ithaka with projects concerning: a. Renewable Energy Sources, and b. Waste Management- Recycling 3. The Network of Environmental Education Centre of Acharnes with projects concerning the Caverns of Greece 4. The Network of Environmental Education Centre of Zakynthos with projects concerning Earthquakes 5. The Network of Environmental Education Centre of Makrinitsa, Volos with projects concerning: a. The Forest, and b. Herbs Our school constantly implements eTwinning projects over the years. Having as a vehicle our participation in various National and European projects, we have the ambition to evolve and become not only a new contemporary school, but also a school with international orientation through similar actions.